Why set goals?

Goals give us a direction to focus on. They allow a choice between spending time on this or that. “Will this move me towards my goal? No? Then I choose not to do it.”

Choose a small goal and who you need to become to reach that goal is not far removed from who you are now.

But choose a big goal, one that scares you to the core, and who you need to become to reach that goal will be far far removed from who you are now.

The big surprise is that the value is not in achieving the goal. The Gold Medal may be lovely and the more you have had to give your everything to attaining it the more emotional you might be about receiving it.

The real value is in the new sight you have, the new you you are when you get to the Gold Medal.

This is what separates the people who cross their own thresholds of fear, uncertainty and the many and varied challenges they face from those who do not.

Choose a big goal. It will ask you to become who you want to be.

Photo credit: Evan Leeson via Compfight

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