Our public television station in Australia, SBS, broadcast this story last night about cruelty perpetrated on Australian cattle that had been exported live. (It’s horrific.) I am not against live exports. I am against animal cruelty of any kind. Actually, let’s be clear, I am against cruelty period. Animals, People. Living things.

The argument is that if we stop live exports we cut off a whole industry with massive loss of jobs, income, livelihood. Our economy will suffer. We will all be worse off financially.

At what price do we progress business? At what point do we say the need to create jobs and income and profit exceeds X?

At what point do we choose to be human, and have morals and ethics? And to place our humanity….care…compassion…. above all else? Even if this means that many or all of us may have to go without something.

Some may ask, why do we need business to serve all humanity and life?

Because business as usual is screwing the planet, its people, and the animals.



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