Reverence is a state of deep and abiding respect for something or someone. In this context it has zero association with religion.

As we craft the heart, soul and mind of Screw Business as Usual Ventures we are exploring the need for both reverence and irreverence.

They both live at the core of what we are doing.

Reverence for our work; the people we work with as members of our team and our tribe, our suppliers, artists and all associated relationships; for our services and products; for design; for our ecosystem that we work in; for the greater ecosystem of the world we inhabit. These things we hold as sacred ground. We daily want to bring a deep and abiding respect to all of these components.

We hold irreverence towards the models and systems that are broken, corrupted, corrupt. The ones that say mediocrity will do. Those who condone raping and pillaging souls and nature at the alter of almighty profit. Anywhere where the the sacred and the revered is not supported and nourished. The disconnect from humanity. The people who say it is really OK to be paid obscenely while any single child anywhere on the planet goes hungry or sick. The incessant greed for growth, at any cost. The extreme short termism. The production of obnoxico (junk) to feed the consumer machine. The reduction of brilliant young minds into obedient and numbed out compliance machines. The abuse of out land. The rape of our commons.

We have much to learn from these systems that are now failing us. We want to take any aspect that has value from them and transcend to a new level of complexity that incorporates a deep and abiding respect for the success of the whole of life.

Why Business as Unusual?  Because business as usual is screwing the planet and its people. What is required is a beautiful dance between reverence and irreverence. We cannot forget either.

Daniela Hartmann via Compfight


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