We live in a noisy world, bombarded by thousands of things and people seeking our attention.


Buy this, eat that, do this, be that, go here, stay there, read this, watch this, buy me, drink me, eat me. Like the modern day Alice in Wonderland we have fallen down a rabbit hole that is filled to the brim with thoughts and stuff and beliefs that are not necessarily our own.


The path to becoming fully grown up is largely the path of untangling all the packaging that has been thrust upon us and finding the true source of our desire, our life, our purpose. It may sound ridiculously easy to do, but it is in fact quite the opposite.


What is the calling of my heart, and what is not? Do I really want this life? This career? This business? Am I bringing the best of me to my work and play? What is the deep yearning hunger inside, ravaging my nights like a starved bear?


Desire, deep and true desire, may be hard to find, buried under all the stories we have been sold. It’s usually not the next item of clothing you purchase, or the next sexual conquest. Nor is it the wads of cash and the fame you are seeking. It certainly cannot be found in revenge, winning the battle or getting the newest latest bright shiny thing.


Desire, like most things, goes from an immature form…gimme my toy now! (this is still alive in most people way past the age of 4)..to…I want this so I can feel better about me when I compare myself to you….to really sitting in the question of what I desire.


Hint. It will not be things. It will be feelings. I want to feel THIS. And THIS.


When we are birthing a project, building a business, nurturing a family, taking care of our health….being clear about our desire..our deep authentic desire for this project or business or family….will create the frame around which we build.


Far too many businesses are built on immature desires. Brat desires or hot rod desires. The ‘Screw’ in Screw Business as Usual is not about proving self, or beating the competition, or being rebellious just because. It is about business as usual being broken and caring enough to do something different for all the right reasons.


It starts with desire. The desire to serve. The desire for excellence. The desire to build beauty in design. To nourish people in multiple ways. To do really good work. To create new and breathtaking and exciting things and models and business. To do no harm.


What is your desire? And when you have that, what will you then desire? Go all the way with this until you cannot go further. Then you will know what it is you truly desire.






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