It’s not about entrepreneurial skills or processes. These can be taught.

Entrepreneurship is a way of being. Entrepreneurs see the world as a giant playpen with unlimited opportunities. They thrive on risk, change, adventure. They are usually not good at being managers or long term CEO’s, because their playground is creativity.

You can teach someone to be more entrepreneurial. But turning someone into an entrepreneur who does not have the entrepreneurial DNA inbuilt into them is almost impossible. This would be like trying to turn me into a clown or a gambler.

Most people who have spent any time working in large corporates have been thoroughly institutionalised. Few natural entrepreneurs would ever last in a large corporate environment, unless that environment was made for entrepreneurs.

I am of the opinion that a revised education system would allow the flourishing of a higher degree of entrepreneurial skills and creativity. Our current system is designed specifically to dumb and numb us down and prepare us to be institutionalised.  (See the work of Sugata Mitra, and others, on radical thinking for education.) Children are born curious and through education are taught to stop asking questions. This is a tragedy no matter which way you look at it. If we asked more questions we would probably not tolerate some of the systems we have in our banking and finance systems, our health systems, (or shall we call it illness systems?) our education systems, our government and political systems…

The world needs entrepreneurs. People who challenge the status quo, who take risks, innovate, refuse to see a no as an obstacle.  And to every entrepreneur we need people skilled and passionate about detail, follow through, management, systems and structures.

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