(Further to yesterdays post…the 5 keys to Life on your terms…we dive deep into #1.)

Blank sheet of paper.

This is your life. Repeat. This is your life!

You have today, and then the time remaining, which may be minutes, or years.

Throw away the rule book.

How and what do you want to define your life? What core values? How do you want to live? What are you willing to give your life to? What are you willing to walk away from every time?

If you are reading this, you are one of the lucky ones, because you have choices. And…no matter how trapped you feel…trapped in debt, obligations, rules, limited education…you always have infinite choices. At the least you can choose your attitude.

I am doing this exercise live with you. Although I have considered this question many times.  So here goes.

Oh…inviolate means inviolate. Heart and soul centred means heart and soul centred. Take your time to really consider what you write down. Have it represent the totality of you. Also be sure that your guiding principles ask more of you than your small self asks of you. Otherwise you are toying with this…

I live by integrity. (see my definition of that here…)

I daily acknowledge at least 5 things I am grateful for and 5 miracles.

I take care of the temple that is my body. I daily spend time with spirit. I nourish my soul.

My work is about service to others and the world. To that end I am guided by what is spontaneously arousable from within me and is for the good of all. This means I need to spend time each day tuning into my business, my life. Ideally I work for the good of as many people as possible.

Within my work I go for excellence, art and the exceptional.

My work and life in the world is a demonstration of business, work and life as truth, art, uncompromising integrity, love, wisdom, grace and joy. I model business as unusal for all the right reasons. From this comes profit in all domains.

I feel supported by Universe, valued, abundant and light.

The message of my work is conveyed in integrity, treating people with respect for their intelligence, discrimination and discernment. We invite participation with openness and profound honesty.

I work with the most amazing people from around the world who really get the principle of synergy and have the agility to step aside from their egoic small selves to be in greater service to the intention of our work.

We consider, honour and reward value in multiple domains.

Our company acts with generosity and from a place of abundance. We are constantly seeking ways to surprise people with generosity.

We never forget our humanity. Humility is cherished.

We are always aware of grace, of the larger intelligence of Universe.

We celebrate adventure, change, agility, diversity, courage, play, and yet can be disciplined, focused and on task when needed.

There is always time for the most important conversations, for deep listening, for stillness. With staff, with customers, with community, with ourselves.

We never forget the core DNA, the heart beat of our business. It is from the recognition of this that we craft all plans and decisions.

In the end, its all about love. When our backs are against the wall, the question is…what would love do now?

For Part 2.Daily practice of tuning into your life and business using your self disciplines as the ground of being.

*If you have a partner, do this exercise together.


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