Keep the main thing the main thing when building a business

1. Time to tune into your business. Real time. Quality time. Silent time. Writing time. Walking time. Sitting time. Thinking time. Feeling time.

2. Be very clear what the main thing is. The heart beat of your business. Its soul. This before form. We build a life worth living from the core of intention, not the other way round.

3. Create a set of signals to determine on path/off path. Some of these may be measured, like cash flow, client satisfaction. Many can not. Synchronicities, ease of alignment, flow. Refer to #1.

3. Create a container for creativity. Structure morning and evening rituals that support your healthy existence. Sleep well, get up, exercise, eat, tune in. Every day.

4. Remove all distractions. Get a VA, someone who loves doing the chores that takes your focus off the main thing.

5. Stay light. Step light. Laugh. Dance with your business. Be serious about your intention, and light about your touch. Business needs more joy and love. Less hard core.

Bill Dickinson via Compfight


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