There are at least three levels of change.

1. Do you re-arrange the deck chairs. This looks like change, but is purely cosmetic. The botox injection solution. Makes you feel good for a moment and may deceive a few people as to your age, but either disappears over a few months, or, with repeated applications has you look like your face stopped communicating with your feelings. This is the change most people apply to themselves and their business. Safe, easy, low risk..generally useless. Feels like you are doing something. But actually you are doing little. May buy you a little time. But won’t stop the Mack truck.

2. Applying incremental change. Slowly slowly, bit by bit. Great when working with emergence and refinement. The wrong strategy when you need to solve a major problem.

3. Transformational change. This is bold change. It takes courage. The end result will be different at the deep and superficial levels. Few people and companies are up for this. It doesn’t have to be company wide…it may apply to only one area.

Different era’s have different requirements for change. Right now we are in the time of requiring transformational change. To our business, government and economic systems. Our relational systems (marriage, parenting, partnering), our food and energy systems, our environment and ecological systems.

If you think you can get away with re-arranging deck chairs when transformational change is required you are in as much delusion as the person getting botox.

Transformational change is hard, often terrifying, risky, bold, requires support and has zero guarantees that it will work. At the least you will learn massively.

Take the honest assessment. What kind of change does your business and your life require now?

A simple question that will highlight this…are you still complaining about the same things…the things you have been complaining about for the past half dozen plus years? If so, transformational change is on the menu.

And another question…what am I denying that I need to address? The impending future, my P@L, the lack of intimacy with my family, my health…??? Take a hard look. And again. We are all in denial about something….the question is…do you have the courage and fortitude to make the real change?


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