You know that your business needs change. I know it. Most of your people know it.Your customers absolutely know it.

But do you have the guts to shake things up?

To really step into what needs to be done, rather than just dip your toe into the water? No more re-arranging the deck chairs. Real change that does shake things up?

Things might be exposed that you would prefer were not. Your leadership will be put under the microscope. People will see that you do not know everything. You might see that you have been defensive, narcissistic and more worried about your own arse than the company. Maybe you will fail.

This type of leadership takes courage. It takes deep trust in yourself and your inner knowing on what needs to be done. It takes really facing the truth.

Yet very few of us do this. We go part way. Not all the way. We tinker with the edges. We tell ourselves BS stories about what we are doing. But we all know them for what they are…BS stories and BS actions.

This is the story of our political leaders, and most of our leaders of industry. A large amount of tinkering. Very little real change that does shake things up. Think Nokia, Telstra (Australia), pretty much every government in the world. I am sure you can count hundreds of companies, regional councils, and relationships that fit the ‘tinkering on the sides’ game.

And then there is Steve Jobs and Apple. Or Virgin. They have shaking up in their DNA.

So…to tinker…or to shake…that is the question? If shaking up is on your action list, check out business hacking. This is simply one of the very best ways to know exactly what in your business needs shaking up.

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