It all starts with a seed. A first thought. A tiny little something that looks like nothing. Whether it be a human, a tree, a business and nation…every act of creation starts at the infinitesimal level.

When we forget the source code things begin to go wonky.

When the United States of America forgets its source code, it forgets itself. It starts violating the very principles upon which it was founded. (Becoming the global bully, hunting down the whistle blowers..)

When a business forgets its source code it becomes a superficial vehicle for an ends that has no soul. Nokia is an example. Part of its source code is the ability to recreate itself, the quintessential caterpillar to butterfly. From paper to rubber to electrical generation to phones. (it may still do that…)

When a partnership, be it a business partnership or an intimate partnership, forgets its source code..its reason for existence in mutuality, then it disintegrates.

When we forget our source code, our core DNA, we lose ourselves.

When we start something new, a business, a relationship, a team….take the time to be completely clear on the source code….the animating impulse that brought the idea or relationship from nothing to something. The more clarity that is brought to this, the more embedded in the whole DNA structure of the business or relationship the source code is, the easier it will be to remember and reference when any decision needs to be made or when we lose our way.

Almost all of the work we have to do to restore health to any relationship, business or person is a pathway to the purity of the source code. Fully animating source code is integrity in practice.

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