Have a really confusing question that you want an answer to?

Or a problem that needs solving?

A decision that needs making?

What to do??…easy as…go to the source of all creation…the field…the infinite everything…

Here is how.

Grab a pen and paper, preferably your favourite journal. Take a seat, make sure your feet are on the ground. Ideally have few distractions. Take a few deep breaths, being mindful of the air going all the way down to your belly, and all the way out into the Universe.

Good…get centred…bring your focus to your gut, just below your belly button. Allow your mind to settle. Bring your breathing to this point as well.

If you like, say a little prayer…something like…

“Guide me to be present to infinite wisdom, to hear the voice of Universe, my soul’s deepest knowing. May I have the courage to trust the truth of wisdom and to take action from this place.”

Breath out.

Now write your questions…or your problem..or your choice…just write it as it is present for you…. as a question.

Then, write the answer. Don’t think about the answer, don’t judge the answer. Just write it. Write the words that arrive as they arrive. Unedited…they may not even be in English. They may be gibberish…keep writing…not thinking….write for as long as there are words to be written.

Maybe then you need to ask another question…so write that down…and then write the answer.

Repeat…until there is silence. Peace will be present. Spaciousness.

Take another few deep breaths, then read what you have asked and answered. Only now  are you permitted to judge, if you must. (Not advisable!). Now you can say this is impossible/stupid/ridiculous…if you really must. Again, not advisable. Your arguments for why it cannot be done are the same arguments that have prevented you from expressing your deepest truth until this moment. Do you really want to continue to do the same..?..for how many more years…? How much longer are you going to resist doing what you know is true…to keep playing small?

A few pointers….if you are really centred, and in a place of infinite trust, then you will access the voice of all knowing. If you move out of centre, if your emotions go up, if your heart starts to race, or you begin to get agitated, then you have shifted to the less wise aspect of self. The part of self that wants its own way, or to sabotage, or make you live more of the same.

The voice of wisdom is calm, infinite, quiet, peaceful, still.
If in doubt, go to a mirror, and look yourself in the eyes, ask the same questions and allow the answer to come…trust that you will know when you are lying to yourself. You will flinch, or your body will be ever so slightly uncomfortable. Or deeply uncomfortable.

The answer is always available. Always. It is only that part of you that is terrified of the truth of the answer that prevents you from really seeing/hearing the answer.

The question is not what is the answer, but are you ready and willing to hear it. Most of us are not…and if we are, we are not willing to act on it.

At least if you have it written down, you can only learn from not doing what your heart and soul knows it is tasked to do. And you can keep not doing, until you start doing.

This invites the magic into your life….

Change can come at the speed of light. You hold the reigns. How fast do you want to move/change? This is a powerful question. Most of us are only up for comfortable change, slow, non disruptive.

News flash..in our current period of massive systemic change, deny or ignore or argue with change and you will be left behind.

Go for speed of light…

Give this a go…and then…share the magic….inspire others…

Happy light speed travel…

PS..the answer that arrives is the answer you need for the next step. Not necessarily the whole step.

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