Want to loose weight?

Eat less food (preferably eat fresh local food)

Get more exercise.

Want to get out of debt?

Spend less money.

Pay off your debts first.

Want to be happy?

Stop thinking miserable thoughts.

Do more of what you love with people you love.

Want to make a difference?

Think about the short, medium and long term consequences of everything that you say and do.

Take actions that only have a positive consequence in the short medium and long term.

Want a better relationship?

Focus on the things you love about your partner, friends, family.

Act/speak from love, be grateful, open your heart…

Want better leadership?

Be a better leader first.

Speak up when people in leadership lie, cheat, manipulate, seduce…

Want to be a better person?

Speak, act, live, be in integrity always.

Practice gratitude.

Why do we want the easy solution? The magic formula? The quick fix? The silver bullet? The Blue pill?

Because the simple actions above are also the most hard. And so we make the solutions very complex, but in the act of doing so we continue to keep the truth at arms length. We get caught up in the noise and distraction of the complex to avoid the truth. And that truth is…  that we do not want to eat less, exercise more…we want to keep doing what we have been doing and have a magic formula that allows us to have our cake and eat it too. We like to have a story to complain about, we like to avoid, at all costs, the core truth.

For things to change, first I must change.

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