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Our Purpose

To support the creation of Syntropic Enterprises as ubiquitous. Syntropic Enterprises are Enterprises that enables a higher order. By nature they evoke gravity (attraction) and coherence towards an eternally regenerative Universe.


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Source Idea, Pattern Integrity, Purpose and Provisions.


Enterprise design to unleash human creativity



Become a Map Maker

Business-as-usual is not the answer. To create a world with a future we need new models, new design, new thinking.

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The frontiers of human centred enterprise can be lonely. Join those who are creating a world with a future for all.

Humans wanted for hazardous journey. Uncharted territory, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Our Earth and all her creatures are depending on you. Honour and recognition in event of success.”

*adapted from Ernest Shackleton’s advert for his expedition to Antarctica

Unplanning Obsolescence Masterclass

July 16|17 2019 Gold Coast


Enterprise Architecture Masterclass

July 30|31th Sydney

September 17|18th Gold Coast

Enterprise Architecture Launchpad

4 Day Intensive In House

Join other Map Makers

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”

R.Buckminster Fuller

Enterprise Architecture Masterclass

A world with a Future requires new models, new maps, new thinking. July 30|31st 2019 | Sydney, AUS



In this Masterclass create the architecture that will unlock the power of your people and enterprise, giving you the ability to focus on the purpose of the enterprise.

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Dominator Heirarchy Natural Hierarchy best suited to your enterprise Pattern Integrity
Sense of isolation Deep experience of partnership
At effect of everything Working towards the 10-50-100 year plan
Layers of management Autonomous deliberately developmental teams, high accountability, high agility, resilient
Single or even triple lens accounting Accounting for value in all domains
Shareholder focus Regenerative stakeholder focus, present and future
Fragmented culture, either too polarised or not polarised enough Purposeful culture with consciously designed polarity
Leadership overwhelm The Leader as Steward
All work, die the hero Time to tune in, connect, breath and intuit – essential to success, wellbeing, health
Difficulty attracting and retaining amazing people People seek you out, you get to choose from a diverse pool of extraordinary humans

It is 2:23AM and the questions keep coming, daring you to answer:

Am I making a difference?

Am I dreaming too small?

What can I do?


You know in your Soul that something is not working.

Its 2:23AM and it’s time to heed the call.


A constellation of Map Makers

A global community of Map Makers building Syntropic enterprises for a world with a future





Working with businesses like yours,
trusted by people like you

Syntropy, entropy and business models for regenerative design

Our mother Sun radiates out energy...more energy than the world can ever use. This radiation of energy is entropic.  In providing us energy the sun is very slowly breaking down. The Sun gives. That given energy is condensed on Earth. This ability to concentrate is...

When to go hard and when to step back – in business, sport, life.

As a long distance runner with decades of experience I have learned, often the hard way, the difference between the times to go hard and bust through thresholds and the times to take a back seat, maybe take some time off, or at the least, take it easy. It's a fine...

Failing well and often – the fear of failing keeps us from finding our most important attribute

From the moment we are born till our last breath we are inculcated with the glorious stories of success. We are taught early that you are either right or wrong, and being wrong is very bad. So bad in fact, that it is often not worth the risk of trying. So we don't put...

Mark Rowland – The new KPI – Measuring Happy Minutes, providing Happy Minutes

Mark is an Anglo-Aussie living in the US with his wife Danielle and two kids Jack and Emily.  Mark emigrated to Australia immediately after finishing his BSc in Management Science from the University of Manchester and started to work with PwC in Sydney.  He stayed...

Beauty of Beginnings – March 17th

On this morning my heart is overflowing with gratitude. The Australia sky is unique. Clearer, bluer, more vibrant than anywhere in the world. On this dawn clouds were absent, and the surf was up at the famous Burleigh Heads break, crowds of the keen with their boards...

2:23AM Podcast Season #1, Episode #10 – Cindy Wigglesworth – On Spiritual Intelligence and the frontiers of leadership

As someone who has worked for nearly 20 years in leadership development I simply love Cindy's work. We first met in Sydney several years ago where I was impressed by the beautiful articulation Cindy has around her work with Spiritual Intelligence that only comes...


Solving our home planets probems through new models of enterprise design, leadership and provisioning.

© 2019 Christine McDougall

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