Season Two - what it means to be a man in today's world.


Season Two -What it means to be a man in todays world.

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Episode 19. Simon KalinowskiSimon is a technology minded and spirited entrepreneur with a passion for ecological sustainability. He is a proud advocate for sustainable practices – particularly in the waste industry and through developing his own circular economy project; a regenerative farm in Northern NSW.


In 2014/2015 I created a limited edition  podcast with an extraordinary group of people who have all been the misfits and outliers of their world.

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Below are all the shows, listed from newest to oldest.

May 2017, Webinar on the 7 Steps of Speaking the Truth. I walk through the 7 steps with Mark and a real case in preparation for a conversation to be had.

May 9th 2016, Fireside Chat, The Coming Global Financial Turbulence and what we can do about it, with Dr David Martin

Integral Accounting, preview call, Dr. David Martin

2:23AM Podcast, Season #1, Episode #16  – Dan Pink, Best Selling Author; Drive, To Sell is Human

2:23AM the Podcast – Season #1, Episode #15 – Brad Krauskopf- Change the way you work – coworking spaces

2:23AM The podcast, Season #1, Episode #14 – AJ Leon, Chief Misfit – breaking all the rules, building a global business

2:23AM The podcast, Season #1, Episode #13 – Don Beck -Spiral Dynamics, on the Middle East and natural systems design

2:23AM The podcast, Season #1, Episode #12 – Kevin Kelly – Senior Maverick Wired Magazine

2:23AM Podcast Season #1, Episode #11 – Polly Higgins -The Earth needs a good lawyer

2:23AM Podcast Season #1, Episode #10 – Cindy Wigglesworth – On Spiritual Intelligence and the frontiers of leadership

2:23AM, The podcast, Season #1, Episode #9 – Hugo Spowers, Riversimple – redesigning cars, redesigning business

2:23AM The Podcast, Season #1, Episode #8 – Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organizations

2:23AM podcast, Season #1, Episode #7 – Jonathan Jay -The Mindset of an entrepreneurial ‘lifer’ – solving problems, making decisions, self belief

2.23am The Podcast Season #1, Episode 6 – Robb Smith – The path of large scale systems transformation

2.23am The Podcast- Season#1, #5 – Jim Breen – Going for exceptional, making the impossible possible

2.23am The Podcast, #4, DC Cordova – Social Entrepreneurship, Transforming Education, True Wealth

2.23am The Podcast, #3 Mark Rowland -The Red Pill, Roceteer Inc – Return on Community

2.23am The Podcast, #2 Hiro Boga – The Soul of Business

2.23am The podcast, Episode #1, Dr. David Martin Founder of M-Cam, on enterprises of emanation


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