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The right kind of support towards a world with a future


The Map Makers Mastermind was created to serve graduates of the Unplanning Obsolescence Masterclass to be sure people stay on track with maintaining the Pattern Integrity of their Source Idea towards the greater purpose of their enterprise, and to collaborate with a community of likeminded people building enterprises for a world with a future. There was a request to open it up to anyone committed to become Map Makers towards a world with a future. Welcome.


Map MakerMap Maker Plus

A Place to Start -The Patronus Circle

For $50 per month you get access to the Slack channel where you can meet other Map Makers and collaborate on your own projects or find others to collaborate with. Try if for a month or two. Stay for as long as it feels of value.

Map Maker

$199 per month (AUS/US) £99 per month

Monthly Map Maker Group Zoom coaching/teaching/facilitation calls led by Christine for 90 minutes, recorded if unable to attend.

Slack group for ongoing communication and collaboration, with daily support by Christine.

New material and modules for bespoke application to your own enterprise.

The Map Maker Group Zoom call will be structured for a combination of just-in-time learning and coaching, collaborative support from attendees, the opportunity to be held to account, and celebration of great work and our precessional effects. It will include more advanced material as we navigate the frontiers of new enterprise design.


$199 AUS/US per month

£99 per month

Discount of 50% if paid per year in advance

$1200/yr or £599

*does not include GST

Slack enables a group of people to work together easily. You can have private conversations or group conversations, work on projects as a whole or with a few. You can ask for help, and offer support. You can post material for comment before it goes live to get feedback.


Map Maker Plus

$825 |£450 per month

Level One PLUS 90 minutes (or equivalent) one-on-one with Christine per month.

1. Slack group access

2. 90 minute per month Zoom Map Maker Group call

3. 90 minutes One-on-one Zoom with Christine, scheduled either in one block or broken into smaller blocks.


$825 per month (AUS/US)

£450 per month

Discount of 20% if paid per year in advance

$7920 per year | £4320 per year

*does not include GST

**Limited numbers

This is for you if you want to move faster AND be sure you never violate the Pattern Integrity of your Source Idea. It is the perfect way to stay connected with like minded others and get 1-1 support, for both your business and your own leadership development. It includes strategic support and just-in-time calls when needed.


For Teams of Plus 3


1. Access to Slack Group

2. Map Maker Group Zoom call for 90 minutes per month

3. Two 90 minute team only calls per month with Christine


$340 pp | per month (AUS/US)

£185 pp | per month

Discount of 20% if paid yearly in advance.

*does not include GST

*minimum of 3 people per team as part of an enterprise

We will work as a team on everything from enterprise design, human relational design, strategy, conflict resolution, personal development, communication skills, development towards the leader as steward and more.


More Options


One Day Strategy Session

With your Executive team, Board, Project Team

*Power Up your Pattern Integrity and Source Idea

*Clearly define the future you hold for your business and the world. Craft the strategy to get this happening.

*Ensure full team alignment and coherence to your enterprise Pattern Integrity and purpose.

$5000 AUS/US


*does not include GST or travel costs

Trust Manifesto Creation and Implementation Workshop

 As each enterprise is unique, the enterprise design that enables the Source Idea to be fully expressed, aligning with its Pattern Integrity and Source Idea, is critical. 

Using Christine’s experience from 30 years which resulted in the Trust Manifesto for Big Blue Sky, we workshop with key members of your team to craft your own version of the Trust Manifesto.

Outcome – an enterprise framework that enables people to bring their best to work, balancing the individual brilliance with the collective synergy, unlocking the full power and potential of what you intend to create.

$10,000 Aus/US minimum

£5,500 minimum

*does not include GST

Bespoke In house engagement

For those enterprises who have a high commitment to change towards a more self managed deliberately developmental organisation. Minimum 12 month engagement. Minimum fee of $8000 Aus/US per month or £4,500.

*does not include GST or travel expenses

Steward the Steward

On-on-one coaching/facilitation/stewardship.

2 hours per month for 6 months plus off-line work as needed.

*Get back on track if off track

*Develop capacity and capability to become a steward leader of a highly self managed team

*Stay 100% aligned to your Source Idea, Pattern Integrity and Purpose, against all the forces seeking to pull you off track

$7,800 Aus/US


*does not include GST

*15% discount if paid in full in advance

Why Join?

To create synergy, where one plus one might equal one thousand, we need to work with others. The solo isolated journey of entrepreneurial stewardship is the hard, slow, difficult path.

  • You know the power of working together. You might also know your own shortcomings, including procrastination, a tendenacy to think you have to solve everything on your own, and lack of accountability.
  • This isn’t a random group. Your fellow attendee’s are committed to building enterprises for a world with a future, to a set of values that you share. We are all on terra incognita…and as such we are all map makers. It’s a challenging path, better done together.
  • My promise is to make sure the value you experience is far greater than the monetary cost.

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