You desire to create or evolve a business to serve humanity and Earth, to bring alive the Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea, to enable development of self-managed passionate teams and people, as you become the steward leader you know you can be, 


for Beautiful Business, Beautiful Life 


I write a letter to subscribers only about the challenges and successes of the path of Integrity in business and life. It's gritty, real,  inspirational. Those of us who hold integrity as foundational need to stick together. I'd love you to join me. About once a week.

You'll also receive a free Personal Integrity Inventory. Its a great tool for upgrading your own integrity. steal my heart so many times.. you speak in my hearts language.. your thoughts ground me like a deep breath and sloooow exhale.. 

my spirit is delighted.. to see its reflection and feel a connection.. (Annalisa, from Hawaii, on my writing)

Integrity Is the Essence 

2. Self development as a leader/steward.

Become a leader that can handle complexity, turbulence and massive change while not needing to be the guru, star or dominator. Stay in your centre under any circumstances and conditions. Trust your decision making process. Demonstrate excellent well-being. Be the model. Tune into the Pattern Integrity of the business as you evolve the strategy and direction.

1. Clarity of the Source Idea - the original impulse and purpose

The level of clarity around the core DNA/Source Idea that creates the Pattern Integrity of the business is critical to ensure the enterprise is constructed to fully express this in every domain. This sets the foundations for Integrity Architecture to be built upon. Often times we start an enterprise and over the course of time violate the very idea we set out to animate. A part of Integrity Architecture is to restore integrity to areas where this has been violated.

3. Structural Integrity of organisational design

Build an organisation that holds integrity as its core under all circumstances. Integrity to its core DNA, values, principles, governance, finance and interactions with all stakeholders. Do as you say in alignment to your values and principles as if your life and business depends upon it - which it does. The business is ‘as within so without’.

6 Domains of Integrity Architecture

4. People, teams, culture

6. Strategy and Implementation

5. Networks and the field

Create synergistic self-managed teams of extraordinary people who require a very light touch to do magnificent work that exceeds expectations. In the process remove hierarchical layers and inefficiencies, and increase the speed to action. Where appropriate build an organisation that is deliberately developmental. 

Understanding whole systems, being prepared for the emergent future. Getting to work, understanding timing, discerning road blocks from misdirection to needed course correction. Steward the money and other forms of currency elegantly.

Connecting with a vast global network of aligned entrepreneurs across many disciplines and leading many organisations with a significant array of experience. Be mindful of the field in which your business operates. Pay attention to the future.

If you...

Know that 'business as usual' is failing us, robbing our children of a better future than we had, extracting and exploiting and accumulating, causing personal and community breakdowns...

Know there is another way...but how and what...and at what price...

Know that people yearn to come together to build enterprises that support the increased well being of all, that enable them to show up and contribute in their wholeness, while working together in partnership instead of domination..

If you do not want to go it alone...leadership, entrepreneurship, daring to risk, to not the journey to be taken alone..

Know that our models of enterprise - how we do governance, how we recruit and hire, how we enable people to work together, how we set up agreements, commitments and responsibility - needs to change..

If you want to be held to your have someone call you out when you might violate the Source Idea of your enterprise..someone to act as your conscience..

If, when you waver, when your confidence is down, you long for a confidant, a clear sighted visionary and courage generator, to refocus you and give you perspective..

If you want to be connected to a global tribe of fellow entrepreneurs who hold integrity as the essence..

Then you have arrived home.

I'm Christine McDougall, Integrity Architect, coach, mentor, advocate, social change agent, community builder, entrepreneur, mother, athlete, writer....

You might call me your business conscience. Sometimes your courage champion. Always your trusted confidant.

I have built businesses and led teams to do extraordinary things. I have crafted new models of governance to enable diverse teams of people to work brilliantly together on world changing projects. I am on the governance board of Common Cents - building a Universal Basic Income within a global community based on blockchain. I am a visionary pioneer committed to support a world that works for everyone.

My clients and I choose the path of integrity as the only path, tired of business and politics as a finite game of win as much as you can and hypocritical leaders blind to their own self deception. As such, we are the rare few who see a better world through the application of integrity in all domains. No small task, made even harder in a post truth world.

We hold that by building Beautiful Business with integrity as the operating manual we can positively impact 1 Billion people in 10 years.

Together we work on everything from strategy, people, leadership, finance, organisational design, product design and service delivery all through the lens of integrity, vigilant to the inevitable micro and macro violations that tempt us every day, often without us even realising it.

Integrity is the only path where we never get lost.

Let’s walk it together.

Cindy Forde, PLANETARI

"Working with Christine? Discovering that the thing on your back that wouldn’t go away was actually a pair of wings. You get the flight manual too!"

What clients say...

Jason Andrew, Australasian Auctioneering Champion 2010

"She is one of the most amazing people I have met. Very few people have touched my life and changed it for the better the way she has."

Kate Freebairn, Nokia

"Christine continuously brings integrity, truth and honestly to the table. She inspires me to truly be me, listen to my inner voice and move beyond ordinary expectations. She is like a guardian angel who I deeply trust and now is always with me, empowering the best from me."

I have published over 800 main blog is about  integrity, business, money, debt, social justice, leadership, personal development, organisational design, beautiful business and the work of R.Buckminster Fuller, my mentor for 30 years.

I write a (mostly) weekly letter to subscribers only. INTEGRITY IS THE ESSENCE. More personal. Very inspirational. It is also where I announce special offers only to subscribers. And let them know about new articles published on the blog.

I would love you to join me.




My project for 2018, which commenced January 1st. 365 days of gorgeous sunrise photos taken on the same 10 km stretch of beach, each so a short inspirational contemplation.

Set up your day with a daily dose of beauty in your inbox. Nothing else. No marketing. No spam. Just Beauty. 

Because beauty will save the world.



I have interviewed some remarkable people including Kevin Kelly, senior maverick, Wired Magazine, and David Martin, Architect of the CNBC IQ 100 index and Dan Pink, author of many bestsellers.

I may resume podcasting in the future, with a particular focus on steward leaders of Beautiful Business, where integrity is the architecture underpinning everything.




The Speak the Truth ebook covers the 7 steps to enable you to say what most needs to be said in the most challenging circumstances and to do so with respect.

It is the core module of the Dare to Care- Radical Truth with Compassion, 2 day program, created by me and delivered to over 2000 people around the world.

For more information on this program, email me.



I have something to say.

About integrity. About how we humans yearn for truth, dignity, respect. How we want to be seen for more than our ability to consume. How we want to have our value as care givers, teachers, community builders, women, people with different skin tones, matter.

How we must say no to rampant hypocrisy. To our complicit silence when integrity is violated.

That it is up to each one of us to find our voice and be the change.




As a passionate community builder and social change agent, I am always seeking ways to bring people together - to showcase Beautiful Businesses, to provoke thinking towards new models and systems that support Earth and all of the creatures upon it.

Big Blue Sky was such an event, run in 2015 and 2016 to support the future of my local city.

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If creating a beautiful business and life with INTEGRITY AS THE ESSENCE is something you desire, then consider working with me.