A more beautiful world through business

I love working with people 1-1. Apart from my other projects, I hold the space at any one time for six (6) people who are hell bent on creating an IMPACTFUL business that is good for the planet and all the creatures on it.

You know…business where we want to make a profit, AND we do not want to sell our soul. Even one nano piece of our soul. Because that price is too high.

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You and me. 6 months. I am going to work with you side by side to bring your beautiful business to life. To bring your life to life. To ask you questions you had never considered and introduce you to tools that will pave the road with smooth for those rough days ahead. As an Integrity Architect I have many tools to deploy - a bit of coaching, some advising, learning, sharing, inquiry, introductions, personal and leadership development and strategy. Most of all partnering. Because that is what I do best.

Like a personal incubator/accelerator built on a platform of integrity and care.

It will be real. We will work on you, we will work on strategy, we will work on speed bumps and road blocks and self sabotage. I will pick you up when you feel beaten. I will fly with you when you fly high. I will keep you focused, resolute, determined. We will laugh. Probably cry. Most people cry at some stage, because we are all, in the end, very human, and the world definitely needs more humanity now.

"I started working with Christine because I was lost. I had everything but had nothing. My private life and business life all melted into one.

Christine has the ability to clean your mind, make you see things in a different light and send you away with a new sense of energy and vigour towards life, relationships and business. She is one of the most amazing people I have met. Very few people have touched my life and changed it for the better the way she has."

"I have utilised Christine’s services over the past 12 years. In that time I’ve found myself 

 • find a level of self awareness and self service that has enabled me to live to a much greater potential

 • integrate quality habits and thinking frameworks into all my relationships

 • seek and expect from myself a higher level of truth and realness in my life

 • be able to far more authentically deal with challenges in a honest and open way – without reverting to negative behaviours 


Simon Kalinowski

Australasian Auctioneering Champion 2010

 Cindy Forde

CEO, Mandalay Technologies

Jason Andrew

"Working with Christine? Discovering that the thing on your back that wouldn’t go away was actually a pair of wings. You get the flight manual too!"

What people say

Our Destination

It can be different for everyone, and it will be something we will explore in detail when we first come together. Meeting your expectations is something that matters to me.

And…it may include…

*Purpose and Passion. Bringing it to life to build a business and grow a genuine network.

*Aligned, focused, clear intention and action. That kind of intention that precedes you when you walk into a room. Action that is strategic and impactful.

*Highly functional teams. Culture does eat strategy for breakfast.

*A robust plan of action based on an objective current and future strategic overview.

*A commercialisation strategy that is good for business and good for the planet.

*Tools and models that change the game of how you play business, enabling transformative innovation to create a more beautiful world, now and for the future. 

*An inner resolve and strength that allows you to know that all will be well, no matter what.

*Possibly some serious uprooting of nasty habits and no-longer-needed beliefs.

*Building your network as a business strategy. In our world, networks are one of our best assets, but we often do not give them the priority they deserve.

*Ensuring that in all of this you have a LIFE. You know, laughter, fun, play, rest, health and love.

Make wise decisions

Working with Christine can turn me from low to empowered, from no hope to inspired progress, from fighting the system to empowered to move forward, from unsure to confident.

I hired Christine in my desire to be more, increase my leadership potential, learn more and push my limits. This was inline with moving from one side of the world to another for work.

Every dialogue brings me something special, a realization, clarity, the right questions, calmness, inspiration. Working with Christine can turn me from low to empowered, from no hope to inspired progress, from fighting the system to empowered to move forward, from unsure to confident.

Three tangible, measurable changes / shifts have been:

Clarity in my dialogue to others – clean communication

Truly listening and allowing the space/trust

Confidence to believe and follow my intuition more

Business support is incredibly and great. When I need more contact I ask and Christine is always there. I have become better at asking and reaching out. Working with Christine is like looking into a mirror reflecting myself. She continuously brings integrity, truth and honestly to the table. She inspires me to truly be me, listen to my inner voice and move beyond ordinary expectations. Christine is like a guardian angel who I deeply trust and now is always with me, empowering the best from me. I could not recommend Christine enough.

Kate Freebairn, Senior Designer, Nokia

So back to my roots I go, 23 years after I started this work… with new skills and insights learned through building projects and social businesses on the ground locally these last years.

 As in, no theory here. Hard earned, hard won practice in Entrepreneurship. (Building a world class festival of entrepreneurship to enable citizen partnering with 3 levels of government to forward our communities future. (Big Blue Sky) Working with a global team of talent to serve enterprise development. Years partnering with entrepreneurs in real estate, fintech, digital, hard wear, agri-biz, and sustainable business. Funding, finance, pitching, systems change, intangible asset finance....)

Building business-as-usual as an entrepreneur is hard. Most don’t make it. Building IMPACTFUL beautiful business for the future well-being of humanity is harder. No maps, rule breaking, lonely. But this type of business is about LOVE. And LOVE makes all the difference when the going gets tough. You have to love your business so much that you endure through its full arc of life.

No longer feel isolated

Partner with me to smooth out the hard. To bring in more love and beauty and goodness. Let’s have fun doing it together.

I've got you

The Process to get started

1. Complete the application process

2. Once approved we will arrange a kick off time and you will pay for your first month, in advance.

3. At that point we will communicate by email until our official start time. Our first session is an extended session to get to know each other, learn the lay of the land, and ensure we are a great match. Super important that we are right for each other. If so, we will lock in times to get going.

4. Then, over the following 24 weeks (6 months) we will meet, twice a month. Together. Passionately. All in. To build the kind of business that makes your heart sing, my heart sing, the worlds heart sing…and ensures your evolving well-being in ALL domains. (We use well-being in 6 domains as our benchmark for thriving, one of the models we will introduce.)

5. The 6 months needs to be completed and paid in full within 7 months. (to give us 4 weeks wriggle room for holidays, mental health days, and other life events.)

You will work with me, AND, with your say so, we may bring in some wonderful co-collaborators who might be able to add depth and dimension to accelerate progress.

And, we will be watching the things that matter to you when you say…this was the best investment I have made in my business till now because this happened.… You choose…Sales? Inquires? Conversations? Social Media activity? Personal Resilience? Application of smart tools? Impact? All of the above? Something else? Land a hot date?

Even after the 24 weeks, we will stay in touch. Because I care about you and your business. I am in this for the long haul, if you are? (As in you are as super excited about your beautiful business and its impact on the world as I am.)

$1200AUS per month in advance every month for 5 months which covers 2 sessions per month plus offline work as needed.

10% discount on the total amount ($8000) if paid in full in advance = $7200AUS (plus GST for AUS citizens)

$2000AUS deposit on approval and space permitting. (100% refundable) This covers the first extended session plus #2 session for the first month.



Discount if paid in full in advance

How does this work with the money? I wanted to make this as accessible as possible.

*Plus GST for Australian residents. Bonus if you live in the USA and are converting to Aussie $..a currency discount.

(If ongoing support after the 24 weeks is needed, we can chat. If your business is wildly complex and we may be limited by how much we can achieve in 24 weeks, we will have that conversation on Day 1. I do have clients I work with every week at a different price point, because...well they are going hard and fast. I will be straight with you. No BS. No offers that are built on sand. Real goodness. For you.)

...if it calls to you…then apply. Because we are better when we work together...

If you are NOT SURE. I have been doing this work for several decades now with clients all over the world who I am still in touch with regularly, because..well…they are amazing people up to awesome mischief creating beautiful business…and I do care about them and the impact they are having on the world…

Even if you are not really sure what you want to create…or your business needs to take a left/right or reverse turn, then read through this again…and if it calls to you…then apply. Because we are better when we work together. And we have way more fun. And the world needs us to get to it, now…the future is depending upon us.

Make a beautiful business impact,

Let’s do it together,



…still have questions…email…

PS. If $2000 is a stretch right now – then please take care of yourself and your business future – I totally understand. I do have pay-what-you-can and scholarship sessions available. Email me. Conditions do apply.

PPS. If you want to contribute to helping other up-and-coming entrepreneurs get this 1:1 work with me, please feel free to get in touch. Or if you want to gift a particular person with a single session, or the whole 6 months, let me know.

PPPS. If you’ve already done intensive work with me and now you want to do a a monthly check-in or quarterly or one-off follow-up, yes please! There’s a one-hour top ups and repeat-customer rate available. (only after a minimum of 6 months of intense work together)

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