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Because Beauty will Save the World

Beauty of Beginnings – September 23rd

When the question why is dangerous. If we find ourselves falling down the rabbit hole of the endless why..why me, why now, why this, why did they, why didn't they, why again... Where there is no answer that lands, that makes sense, or feels right. This type of why...

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Beauty of Beginnings – September 22nd

Being heard The might Pacific was silent this morning Its silence caught my attention, as if shouting from a place of the unusual Communication can be like that If the message we are so ardently seeking to convey is failing to be received Be like the Pacific this...

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Beauty of Beginnings – September 20th

The good thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is only one direction to go. Up. We can choose to spend our time focused in the mire of nasty, to fall into the petty and spiteful, or, we can choose to focus on what we can do to build beautiful. Beautiful...

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Beauty of Beginnings – September 19th

Today is a miraculous kind of day. For no particular reason. Because that is often the best reason for miracles. Miracles have not read the manual on reason. Indeed, miracles are the antigravity to reason. Miracles disrupt neat little lives that have been built on a...

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