This is a special invitation I’m extending to powerful men (and women) leaders who are ambitious, driven, empire builders and world changers. People with intense personalities playing a very big game. You hold integrity as a high value, yet you feel extremely isolated, and quite often struggle with self doubt and uncertainty.


Consider the following experiences from previous clients:

Simon Allsop, Executive Search UK, went from feeling trapped, flat and uninspired to rekindling a troubled marriage and moving into a role that matched his abilities and desires. “The change is phenomenal, and wonderful.”


Andrew Trabulsi, Social Entrepreneur USA, went from doubt and uncertainty of his ability to fulfil his own potential to finding clarity and insight including publishing a book and becoming a recognised brand identity in his field. “Christine has been a huge help to me. I would absolutely recommend her.”

Jason Andrew, Australasian Auctioneer of the Year 2010, went from confusion around career and relationships, to happily married with children and a senior role in one of Australia’s most successful private companies. “She is one of the most amazing people I have met.”



If this feels like something you’d want (or you know someone who could benefit)

I am opening up limited slots for One-on-One Clarity Calls to help you overcome the sense of isolation, confusion and doubt that comes with your role as business leader, entrepreneur and world changer.

But please note: These Clarity Calls are not open for everyone.

First you need to ask yourself… does this feel like your current reality?

*Overwhelmed with multiple challenges – both business and personal

*Feeling out of your depth, with no one you can trust to talk to – or few people able to understand the complexity of your challenges

*Knowing that something needs to change, but what and how, and do you have the courage to make the change you want?



Not so long ago, that used to be many of my clients. They were held back by their own confusion, personal doubt, and bad habits. Today, they are enjoying happy relationships, thriving businesses and a life that matches their desires. 


I don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that together we can achieve more and BE more as a community.

… So, if you’re  committed to continuing to play a big game in business/life that is grounded in integrity, if you are someone who cares for success towards a world that works for everyone, and you have to navigate some business and personal hurdles,


Slots tend to fill up fast. Do take action now to be sure not to miss out.

We all need the right support. My gift is providing it for leaders who are seeking fulfilment and success on their own terms.


Supporting powerful leaders to discover a whole new level of success and inner fulfilment towards a world that works for everyone.

© 2018 Christine McDougall

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