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For over twenty years, Dr. Christine McDougall has been the go-to confidant for hundreds of intensely driven, successful businessmen, providing them with a safe private space and incisive facilitation that allows them to overcome inner obstacles and accelerate their growth, away from a world that often punishes them for showing any kind of vulnerability or perceived weakness.



What People are Saying

 She is one of the most amazing people I have met”

“Christine has the ability to clean your mind, make you see things in a different light and send you away with a new sense of energy and vigour towards life, relationships and business.”

Jason Andrew, Australasian Auctioneer of the Year 2010

The change is phenomenal, and wonderful.

“She allowed me, aided by her sharp observations, to arrive at some exhilarating new perspectives. I feel today deeply confident that my real values align through my work and family life, and I attribute that incredibly important and empowering realisation directly to our work together.”

Simon Allsop, Executive Search, UK

“Christine has the rare ability to hold a flame that burns all the impurities and bullshit.”

“Her insights are illuminating and incisively transformational, delivered with warmth and yet strong candor. If you’re on the verge of making a major crucial decision, and you want to get it right, while remaining in integrity with what actually matters to you, you need her by your side as your confidant.”

Amir A. Nasr, founder of Assertive & Co.

“She inspires me to truly be me”

“I hired Christine in my desire to be more, increase my leadership potential, learn more and push my limits.”

Kate Freebairn, Senior Designer NEST (previously with Nokia)


You might be an entrepreneur, building a business with multiple moving parts, many stakeholders and teams of people to manage around the world.


Perhaps your circumstances are extremely challenging, personally and professionally, and you feel totally alone as you attempt to navigate the difficult terrain.


You may have significant responsibilities, and live in fear that someone might find out that you do not have the requisite skills to fulfil your role effectively.


You might feel extremely isolated, and quite often struggle with self doubt and uncertainty.


Our work together helps you to  access more inner power by connecting you with your own truth and vulnerability, vulnerability that you have felt profoundly uncomfortable revealing to anyone.


Through our work you will experience increased clarity, create more certainly and provide the feeling of ‘the right amount’ of control over your choices and life.


The outcome might be much better relationships,  highly functioning teams, far less time firefighting, better health, less pressure, and the creation of deeply personal often left-of-field projects that have bring unexpected joy.


2:23AM The Podcast

Season 2. What it means to be a man in todays world.

In this Season Christine explores the question of what it means to be a man in today’s world. We discuss what it means to be strong, vulnerable, a father, a partner, and an ambitious man trying to create a new kind of success and fulfilment.

Guests include men from very diverse backgrounds, ages and cultures, all willing to show up bringing their humanity and vulnerability to these wide ranging conversations.

*The Podcast is available on all the usual Podcast Platforms

It is 2:23AM and the questions keep coming, daring you to answer:

Am I living my adventure?

Am I dreaming too small?


Am I making a difference?

Is this all there is?

You know in your soul that something is not working.

Its 2:23AM and the life of your future is calling. 



Supporting powerful leaders to discover a whole new level of success and inner fulfilment towards a world that works for everyone.

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